About me


I am an creative artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Malaga, a city located in southern Spain. I doing corporate identity works, illustrations, designs and web developments for businesses.

My influences are my favorite groups of music, films, comics and some well-known series. I making art called "Fan-Art" and alternative versions of cinematographic productions, music and television, although sometimes I also base myself in the world of tattoo, graffiti and contemporary urban art.

At the same time, I perform a particular exercise of minimalist illustration on lighters of the CLIPPER®  brand which has led me to participate for this brand in an important international festivals in Italy and in the "FreakCon" fair of Málaga.

Some of my productions have been recognized by artists of the stature of The Prodigy, Rob Holliday from Sulpher, Natalie Appleton from All SaintsSALMO, Ghemon, Editors, etc.